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When a child is engaged, they learn better, their environment and the people around them have a huge impact on how they learn. Modern classroom design has come a long way from the traditional Victorian ideals of what a classroom should be. So, if you are considering a new school building, use the opportunity to build a modern classroom that makes it easier to teach, and a more engaging place for the students to learn.

Creating a positive learning environment is all about connecting the students with the teacher and the subject and a well-designed classroom can create a welcoming environment, create a team working ethos and help focus minds and remove distractions to help the students learn well.

Here are some top tips to think about when it comes to designing your new classroom.

Flexible Classroom Layouts

Collaborative seating arrangements can work wonders when it comes to engaging your students, both with each other and with the subject you are trying to teach. Avoiding traditional rows and making the space flexible enough to move chairs and desks around is a key feature to making the classroom space work for your students. Colour coded spaces, identified either on the walls or on the floors can work wonders for younger age groups, dividing the space into reading areas or tech areas or group work areas builds good routines throughout their learning. Older students would benefit from nonlinear desk setups as it lets them engage with the students around them and helps group discussion. The great thing about having a classroom designed by us is that you can specify exactly what you need and we can create the perfect classroom for your requirements.

Engaging Fixtures and Furniture

Brighter coloured furniture is always a winner when it comes to engaging children. Give them the furniture that excites them, and they will be more willing to sit in for longer and pay attention. Natural surroundings have also been proved to be beneficial which is why our eco timber school classrooms are proving so popular. Unique textures or natural textured furniture helps boost engagement in the classroom.

Distraction Free Learning

There is always a balance to be had with distractions in a classroom. You want the classroom to feel like they have created it with inspirational images or their work on the walls, but this can sometimes feel very distracting and can take their eyes off the teacher from time to time. The balance can be found with a no clutter approach, have images on the walls but not so much that it can’t be seen quickly. Have positive stay focused messages on the walls in case their minds do wander. Built in storage and a place for everything has as much a place in a classroom as it has anywhere else.

Outdoor Learning

Going outside to learn in a completely different environment is great for engagement with students. This breaks the monotony of being inside and takes their interest to a different level as it does not feel like learning even when they are.

Our modular approach to classroom design is innovative, eco friendly and as the students love the buildings as much as the teachers do, their engagement increases compared to an uninspiring space in which to learn. Contact us today and we can design the space you need for your school or nursery.