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We pride ourselves on being different, and offer solutions that are focussed on good design. Our approach is to design from both the ‘inside out’ and the ‘outside in’ so as to capture the aspirations of the site and importantly the needs of your staff and young people.

Our ambition is to add value to the brand with improved education-led facilities, whilst at the same time increasing the capacity and financial viability of your Nursery.

The proposed location for the project is the southernmost corner of the site. At this point, the site is pinched between the existing building and the splayed fence line. Our design response to this site challenge has been to push the building to the edge of the site so as to not waste valuable external play space, and to use the building form to define the external spaces for young and older play. The result is a responsive building shape, which sits like a ‘jewel’ in the corner of the site.

A butterfly roof celebrates the building entrance and provides interest and definition from the roadside. Timber decking unites the entrance with the existing tree, creating a generous threshold and all-weather play area.

Large windows offer natural daylight and visual interest, while at the same time promote a blended learning environment when open. The cloaks and WC’s are immediately adjacent to the entrance which allows for ease of access throughout the day, whatever the activity. The integrated wet areas and built-in storage create a flexible classroom environment and the deep window seats offer additional places to reflect and enjoy the woodland view beyond.

The building has been hand-fashioned in timber, allowing the building to breathe naturally throughout the seasons, and the use of stained and textured wood gives emphasis and visual interest. Internally, plywood panels line the walls and cupboards providing a wipe clean surface that removes the need for future decoration.

Integral to our design, the roof mounted photovoltaics (Solar Panels) offset energy use, and grey water is collected from the roof tops for use in the garden.

This project is a ‘smart’ addition to the learning landscape of your Day Nursery and endeavours to capture the imagination of young minds through real life experiences.

The Process


Use the corner of the site to define external play spaces and connect to nature


Create a children’s courtyard around the tree


Natural materials, texture and daylight

The view…

Window seats frame the view


Connecting all ages

External Play…

A corner pavilion defining external play space and connecting to nature


Internal material/colour themes

External Colour…

External material/colour themes


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