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Improving and maintaining schools across the UK costs a lot of money. It’s an area where there has been chronic underfunding in the past and has only improved a little following an £2.4 billion injection of capital in 2017.

Schools still have to be smart about how they renovate or add new buildings to their existing stock. With growing urban populations and more places required, getting the balance right has never been so important. There’s also the issue of sustainability and energy savings which form a part of local climate change strategies and which schools have to be focused on.

What are Modular School Buildings?

One solution to creating a bigger and better school with more space is to go for modular installations. These are prefabricated buildings that can be added to the school stock with greater ease and a lower construction cost. They are premade in a factory and delivered in sections which are then put together on site along with electricity and plumbing.

Compared to a brand-new build or refurbishment, modular buildings can be erected and fit for habitation in a relatively short space of time. There’s little or no disruption to the school as the construction can take place during breaks and holidays.

Modular projects are completed in half the time of a traditional construction. That’s because the main part of the building is developed off-site in a factory setting. Tasks such as laying the foundations and adding in an electrical or water supply can be factored in once the parts of the modular building are delivered. This requires fewer onsite workers, helping to reduce the overall costs of the build.

The Aesthetic Appeal of Modular Buildings

In the past, creating extra space often meant bringing in a portable cabin if there wasn’t enough to build a new classroom. Not only did these look unattractive, they were also badly insulated and fairly poor to teach in. Today’s modular cabins can be designed for specific teaching and look very modern and appealing. You’ll believe you are walking into a brand-new building rather than a prefabricated, temporary cabin.

The insulation of new modular buildings meets current EU standards which means you can be sure that any installation is suitable for housing lessons all year round. Facilities can be added and tailored to your exact specifications. The fact that the buildings are almost completely constructed off-site also means that there is a high level of quality control.

Modular buildings are not temporary accommodation for your school as many people think. They are durable and built to last and designed to be part of your existing building stock. The costs of installing a modular building is significantly less than a traditional new build. You also don’t have the issue of delayed works and other problems that can come with construction projects.

Many schools nowadays are opting for cost-effective modular buildings, not just because of the speed at which they can be erected but because of the lower cost and excellent functionality.

Our team can create exciting new school building that both your students and teachers will love, and these can be built in fraction of the time of traditional builds.