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Our Eco Classrooms and Nurseries are designed to be the extra space your school or nursery needs but it has the added benefit of letting teachers make more use of the outdoor environment for teaching opportunities. It is well known that being in the great outdoors has many benefits and this also translates into children’s learning environments.

Fresh air and engaging with nature instead of being indoors all day is good for mental and physical health and it also helps children with the learning process.

Here are some of the benefits of learning outdoors for school children

Increased Academic Performance – A study in California demonstrated that children who attended an outdoor school program increased their test results by 27%. This is a big increase, the study itself was done on students in four different school with about 250 kids taking part in total. Along with the increased academic performance students also improved in other areas such as self-esteem, problem solving, classroom behaviour and improved relationships with their friends – a great result for outdoor learning!

Independent Development – Being outdoors fosters a sense of both independence and an awareness of looking after fellow students. Not being seated in regimented classrooms lets both their body and imagination wander and helps them develop independent actions and thought. A bigger sense of freedom and so self-awareness helps their learning on a number of levels. It can help improve confidence as they make decisions for themselves, problem solving as they have to work things out on their own or in small groups and creativity as they tackle schoolwork in different ways.

Health Improvement – If a child is healthy and happy then they naturally learn better and outdoor learning can support their health. Letting children run around outside and learn to play and love being outdoors sets them up with good habits for later life, it also channels their youthful energy in good ways and helps reduce stress and anxiety. Plants and greenery are well known to have well-being effects on adults as does natural surrounding for kids.

Connection with Nature – Engaging with our natural environment has never been so important so starting this connection and understanding while in school is very important. Exploring nature in the safety and security of a school environment gives children the confidence to explore and enjoy nature outside of school too. Our Eco Classrooms are very eco-friendly and so can be used to explore nature and the environment and how sustainability is a key issue.

Fun for Teachers – Taking the class outside gives so many more options for teachers to deliver their material than staying within the confines of a classroom. These options are arguably more fun that most of the things they can deliver from inside, so teachers have fun outside too!

Tactile Practical Learning – Starting a gardening project, watching things grow, searching for different species or using a compass and map to find a treasure, learning outside is just more tactile and practical than indoor options for the same activities.

Our Eco Classrooms and nurseries can be built to your specifications, these classrooms give your school the opportunity to have great classrooms in an outdoor setting, letting the options for great outdoor learning experiences to happen as often as possible.