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Pressures on schools and other educational establishments are growing all the time, and one of the biggest problems is the need for more space. Our eco-friendly school buildings are the perfect solution to this problem, and we can design, build and install your new school building to your specifications.

Planning these projects can be daunting and we make our process as smooth as possible, keeping you in the know at every stage and giving you all the information you need to make a decision in a timely and easy to understand way. We have extensive experience in creating the space you need, and our school buildings are quick to build, easy to maintain and have the same lifespan as traditional builds while being aesthetically pleasing.

Who Needs More Classroom Space?

By 2020 the Department for Education has estimated that just less than 5 million children will need places in England’s primary and nursery schools. There is a significant jump in numbers in the school age population so many schools are struggling to keep up spaces for this increasing demand and why so many are opting for our eco friendly school buildings. If you are having work done to increase capacity in your main school building then you may need space for a library, a science lab, a sixth form community room or a music room. Reconfiguring the space you have in your school or nursey is unique to each school, and we can help create the space you decide you need.

We can give you all the information you need to comply with planning and building regulations and we have also compiled a quick list of resources that may help your educational facility fund the space that you need. Funding often comes from your LEA or through a capital scheme from central government, but we have compiled a quick list of other funding sources your school may be eligible for. The list below is not exhaustive, nor are we experts in funding but it is a good place to start.

The Department of Education – this government department gives information on school buildings design and funding for most schools.

Pebble helps educational facilities identify funding opportunities and offers help with writing application forms and grants.

Grants 4 Schools offers a comprehensive list of funding information for UK schools.

Fundraising for Schools, this monthly magazine is a great resource for schools looking to fund many different aspects of school life including buildings.

The Big Lottery Fund – Grant providers from the lottery offering a range of opportunities depending on the objectives of the application.

The Arts Council – If you are looking to create something that will engage with the wider community that is arts based then the Arts Council could provide funds.

Community Sustainable Energy Programme – Schools that have a commitment to energy saving measures could be eligible here.

The People’s Millions – another grant funder linked with The Big Lottery Fund but decided on by the public.

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