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Inspiring students to learn is the keystone of any educational facility and our modular eco friendly school building options are some of the most inspiring spaces you will find. Quick to build with the same longevity as a traditional build, our eco classrooms are being used in schools and nurseries across the UK to great effect.

It is not just extra classroom space that these great buildings are used for, beautiful to look at, inspiring to use and built to your specifications, our school buildings can be used in a multitude of ways. The modular approach to our school buildings also means you can add more at a later date as your needs grow or change. Flexibility is key to having the school facilities you need now and into the future.

School Building Uses

Extra classroom space is just one of the ways in which our inspiring eco friendly school buildings can be used, below are some more ideas on ways to make the most of these modern school buildings.

  • Extra Classroom Space – As your school grows more classrooms will be needed and our buildings can offer a better alternative to traditional builds and temporary classrooms. Quick to build and inspiring to work and learn in, using our eco classrooms as extra class space for your pupils is one of the most common uses of our school buildings.
  • Speciality Classrooms – Do you need a science lab, or a music room? If you need extra space and want to ensure your school is offering the best facilities to your students, then designing our classrooms with a special purpose in mind is an easy way to get the facilities you really want.
  • A New Library – Even in the digital age we live in books are often the core starting point of learning. Having an inspirational library, specially built where students will want to come and spend time is a great use of the school buildings we offer.
  • A Common Space – Perhaps you need a common room for a growing sixth form, a communal space for assemblies or recitals or a hall to play games or explore new earning techniques. Our eco friendly school buildings can be built in the size you need to accommodate what your school needs are.
  • Staff Room – Do your school staff need a space away from the day to day activities of the school and its pupils. Our modular buildings are perfect to be made into a staff room at your school.
  • Computer Room – Do you want a dedicated space where students can come and use the latest technology? Our inspirational buildings, while being beautiful can also be equipped to ensure they can house a modern computer room for your students to explore.

One of the best things about our school buildings is that they can be branded with your school colours or other designs that will inspire your students. As they can also be built as self-contained units they can also be rented out when not needed to local groups, community groups or local businesses to create an extra revenue stream for your school.

Whatever you need extra space for contact us to discuss the options available with our modular eco-friendly school buildings.