Modular Classrooms

We create beautifully crafted buildings that stand out from the crowd – Perfect functionality comes as standard.

There is growing evidence that pupils learn better, and teachers perform better, when they are in a more natural and inspiring building as opposed to traditional school buildings. Due to this research we set out to design a new kind of classroom that is closely linked to nature, whilst still feeling modern and innovative.

Our Modular Classrooms are perfect solutions for any educational facility that would like extra classroom space that is affordable, and a fun place to learn and teach. All our Modular Classrooms come in varying sizes and can be used as a singular unit, or as a network of interlinking Classrooms. We can also offer a range of bespoke finishing options.

In the past the solution to overcrowding in schools has been to install temporary classrooms like portable cabins which are not only expensive but are uninspiring and ugly.

They are a cost effective alternative solution to traditional buildings and portable cabins.
We construct using only FSC Timber and sustainable materials.
They will make a great focal point for any school or Nursery and offer inspiring learning spaces.

Our Modular Classrooms are pre-made ready for quick installation.

Every project starts with a FREE site visit and survey so we can understand your detailed requirements to deliver the best quality solution for you.

Eco Classrooms and Nurseries are firmly committed to constructing the most Eco Friendly and efficient buildings in the market place. We continue to raise the bar with cutting edge design and energy efficiency.
Unaffected by adverse weather – including rain and frost.
Significant savings can be made with raw materials and reduced labour costs
Timber Frame/SIPS panels have great thermal properties.
If built well they have the same life expectancy as traditionally constructed buildings.

Modern construction methods have come a long way and now offer effective alternatives to the traditional construction we have been used to for many years.

The fundamental difference in Modular construction and Traditional construction is the use of Timber Frame or SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels) over Concrete Block and Brickwork.

There are many advantages adapting the Modular approach, these include:

Build Times are drastically reduced – Typically water tight in 4-5 days, enabling other trades like Electricians, Plumbers & Plasterers to start work on the interior areas much earlier in the construction timetable.

SIPS consists of an insulated foam centre, sandwiched between OSB facings, this results in a building system that is extremely strong, energy efficient and cost effective.

A typical stand alone, modular classroom can be constructed in 3-4 weeks compared to 6 months when traditional building methods are used.

Eco Classrooms and Nurseries are firmly committed to constructing the most Eco Friendly and efficient buildings in the market place. We continue to raise the bar with cutting edge design and energy efficiency.

Key Benefits

Short build times

Typically 50-60% less than traditional on-site construction, leading to an earlier return on investment.


Efficient factory production techniques are much less wasteful and installation is less disruptive on site.

Low weight

Modular construction is about 30% of the weight of conventional masonry construction.

professional fees

Standardised design details for modular buildings simplify and reduce the need for specialist design input.

Superior quality

Achieved by factory-based quality control and pre-design of similar modules.

Safer construction

Modular construction sites have proved to be significantly safer than traditional on-site building.

Economy of scale

Repetition of prefabricated units leads to considerable economy of scale in production.

Reduced site labour 

The erection and finishing teams involve less workers on site than traditional buildings.

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