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We all know that teaching facilities are important for quality education. When schools are considering what new buildings to install or what capacity needs to be catered for, they often consider a lot more than just the cost. The speed with which a building can be put up is also a factor.

Building work causes disruption and that can have a serious impact on the learning and education of pupils, even if it is allowed to continue for just a very small amount of time. Classes have to be moved, curriculums changed and compromises made.

If speed of building is a big concern, however, there is plenty of good news. Schools can now access modern, eco-friendly solutions in the form of new modular classrooms that are easy to install and eco-friendly at the same time.

The Benefits of Modular Classrooms

If your school is searching for affordable and easily installed space, modular classrooms can be built and be ready to use in just a few weeks. That means you can have new facilities developed during the school holidays and almost eliminate the disruption to normal school time.

Neither do you have potentially dangerous building sites operating while you have pupils and teachers around. Even more importantly, you can choose a building that is constructed to your needs as well as combine different modular classrooms to create teaching complexes.

In the past, heads of school needed to hire uncomfortable and uninspiring portable cabins if they wanted to create extra space. Fortunately, modern construction methods have improved dramatically over the last decade or so and today’s modular classrooms use high quality, eco-friendly timber that is weather resistant and looks great at the same time.

Well-insulated and built to last, you can expect your modular classroom to be around just as long as some more traditionally constructed buildings in your school complex.

Lower Costs and Installation Times

The big benefit for schools that are trying to make the most of their budgets is that modular classrooms can be installed in just a few weeks compared to months with a traditional new build construction. That means there’s less manpower needed and a reduced cost.

Builds are typically manufactured in factory conditions so that they arrive on site ready to be put together – a bit like a 3D jigsaw puzzle. The main frame is quickly assembled, meaning plumbers, electricians and plasterers can be on site quicker, ensuring your classroom is ready to go by the time term starts.

You can select from a range of standardised designs that have been produced specifically for the school sector. This also means you don’t have to invest in getting an architect to put together the specs for your building.

Modular classrooms are well insulated and comfortable to teach in and can be installed for a fraction of the price of traditional new builds. You end up with a quality building that not only looks good but is fit for purpose and meets all your requirements.