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For most schools today, teaching space is at a premium. With growing numbers of pupils, it’s important for local schools to do all they can to accommodate increases while not compromising on teaching quality.

Limited budgets and lack of investment over the last decade has meant that headteachers and school governors need to be creative in how they build new spaces on site.

One economical and fiscally prudent way of achieving new classrooms is the introduction of modular constructions. These not only have the advantage that they can be designed and partially constructed off-site, reducing disruption, but they are often cost-effective and less time consuming than extending or refurbishing existing infrastructure.

What Are Modular School Buildings?

A modular classroom is a prefabricated construction that can be delivered onsite and erected in a very short space of time. Compared to the prefab buildings of the past, these new products are highly adaptable, energy-efficient and provide all the comfort of a traditional school building.

The Benefits of a Modular Approach for Schools

The major change over the last few decades with modular classrooms is the sheer variety and flexibility that has been introduced into the market. This gives schools the choice of developing sites that are capable of meeting a wide variety of needs.

Coping with increases in pupil levels can be a time-sensitive matter for many school heads. It might be only a few months before the start of a new year that the real numbers are known. In recent times, modular buildings have become a sensible fix for schools that find they are dealing with larger numbers of pupils than expected.

Added to that is the potential to create cutting edge spaces without having to invest as much in time, money and infrastructure. A new science or technology building can be modelled off-site and then erected in a very short space of time causing minimum disruption to the school itself and their pupils.

The design and construction of the new school building and the laying of the foundations with the addition of utilities can, in many cases, be completed in as little as three weeks.

Safety and Modular Buildings

The good news is that this speed means that modular classrooms can be installed during holiday breaks. In a traditional construction of a new school building, not only does it take a lot more time but there are bigger concerns over health and safety. This is particularly true if the building time impinges significantly on term time.

Finding a Modular School Building Company

Modular classrooms are providing more space for greater numbers of pupils, but they are also being used to create innovative and accessible new spaces that allow schools to cater for evolving teaching needs.

Finding the right modular building company that can deliver on your school’s exact requirements is important. That means choosing a company that understands the school environment and has a range of different modular solutions which can be installed quickly and efficiently.